"No more those roses no more leylaks anymore
Never can I forget that first summer"

Seraser is designed to crown the experiences of Tuvana, to share the outstanding “Fine Dining” results arising from its root perfectionism with everyone. Studies of famous gourmets, successes after lengthy taste tests, an experience satisfying all your senses. Seraser exposes Tuvana’s secrets and Tuvana exposes Seraser’s secrets; you may decide one evening where to spend all of your time or at the end of your stay you may decide on the best place for the evening.






Tuvana Hotel Tuzcular Mah. Karanlık Sok. No:18 Kaleiçi / Antalya - TURKEY

Phone No: +90 242 247 60 15 / +90 242 244 40 53 / +90 242 244 40 54 Fax No: +90 242 241 19 81 E-Mail: info@tuvanahotel.com