The King of Bergama, Attalos II. gave the order “go find me the Paradise on Earth” as all his soldiers with such a profound demand hit the road looking to fulfill their King’s wish. And when they came to Antalya and saw the incredible natural beauty, they claimed that they found that “Paradise on Earth”. And since that day, city of “Attalia” will make you feel you are indeed in the Paradise…

Antalya, home for historical sites such as Aspendos, Perge, and Side, also offers magnificent natural waterfalls (Duden, Manavgat and Kursunlu), the Mecca of golfing in this part of the world (Belek), and opportunities to even enjoy and try out winter sports and hunting adventures on sites over Beydaglari (such as Saklikent skiing center), where all these activities are mostly available in all seasons.

The city had built one of the icons of Antalya, Hadrian Gate to honor the visiting Roman Emperor Hadrian (circa 130 AD). It is worth seeing this magnificent ancient site as it is so well- kept up to our time. Don’t miss out the pristine city parks, Karaalioglu and Ataturk, and see the best examples of the Mediterranean’s rich and colorful sub-tropical plants, trees, and flowers which display different colors at different hours of the day. And witness the breathtaking scene of Antalya bay with Bey mountains on the back and shades of blue waters of the Mediterranean. We are sure it is worth it!

Sail in the morning and then come back to marina for rest. The lighted city walls truly highlight the identity and the soul of this city. The world famous archeological Museum reflects the city’s rich historical heritage and contains artifacts from Paleolithic (Stone Age times) to the late Ottoman period. Antalya is also a dynamic city with many sportive, cultural, business type events, organizations and activities like the prestigious international Golden Orange film festival that takes place annually in October.

Aspandos is a good example of a historical gem, a Roman era antique theater that has survived for 2000 years and still functions as it was originally intended; to entertain 15000 spectators. Today many events and performances such as operas, theaters, concerts and all sorts of ceremonies take place in this acoustically unprecedented marvel which is full of decorative art work all around its halls and walls, a good display of the culture of its era. And there are many other ancient remains such as basilicas, agora and longest standing brilliant engineering example of water ways of Anatolia, takes you back in years and gives you a good appreciation how our ancestors lived a few thousand ago.

Antalya, city with rich historical heritage and blessed with awesome natural beauty, has been established on the fertile grounds of Anatolia, as historians refer “the cradle of civilization”. And since its inception, the city has always been the center of culture, art, architecture and mythology throughout history.



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